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by leaving. And third, theres the promise that documentary evidence exists. In 2009, he left the service and set up his own private research firm, Orbis. And Source B

said to be a former top Russian intelligence officer, doesnt seem to have spoken about the golden showers incident but did more broadly claim that Trumps unorthodox behavior in Russia had given the Russian government blackmail material over him. The allegations in the dossier played essentially no role in either the GOP primary or the general election, and, contrary to the dueling myths of left- and right-wing conspiracy theorists, it is not the case that subsequent investigation has vindicated the dossiers claims or that. The dossier states that during a trip to the Moscow Ritz-Carlton, Trump hired prostitutes to perform a golden showers (urination) show in front of him, defiling the presidential suite bed in which the Obamas had previously slept, with the implication being that Russian intelligence taped. A core claim of the dossier is that Russia had been feeding Trump and his team valuable intelligence on his opponents, including Clinton, for several years before 2016, and that in exchange, Trumps team fed the Kremlin intelligence on Russian oligarchs and their families for. Hed helped out the FBI on past investigations, and his contacts there are said to view him highly. If it is indeed a baseless rumor, they may have just heard the same baseless rumor. However, there are also many reasons to think the pee tape how to get date between two dates in access story could be complete bullshit. Between the hacking and leaking of prominent Democrats emails, an apparent Russian fake news and propaganda operation to help Trump, and the multiple connections between Trump advisers and Russian government-tied figures ( Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos and Trumps own. The dossier plays a key role in this theory. 5) What has Trump said about it? 1) Trump had cooperated with Russian authorities for years. That in itself doesnt give the allegation more credibility Trumps trip was high-profile and had been public knowledge years before Steele began his research but, inconveniently for Trump, it makes it impossible to conclusively disprove the allegation. Initially, many in Congress viewed the president-elect somewhat warily and, in particular, were concerned on the merits that he might abandon the GOPs traditionally hawkish posture toward Russia. 3) What does the Steele dossier tell us about his sources for this claim? In some sense, this confirms Steeles reporting, in that the broad strokes of Pages testimony are similar to some of the things Steele said. Steeles dossier purported to offer shocking new details to explain all this, which included the golden showers tale, but went far beyond it to allege a direct conspiracy on matters like the email hackings. He also revived the pee tape claim by saying that, sure, maybe it did happen: But if Comey has reasons to grant the pee tape claim any validity beyond what we know, he doesnt provide them. Here it is: So the allegation is that in 2013, Trump hired a number of prostitutes to perform a golden showers (urination) show in front of him, aimed at defiling the bed of the Ritz-Carltons presidential suite, because Barack and Michelle Obama had previously slept. The dossier, compiled by a credible person though lacking any kind of independent verification, charged that Trump was in fact under the influence of Russian intelligence services, who had a longstanding relationship with the president-elect and had also compiled salacious blackmail material on him. Perkins Coie, at Eliass behest and with the bills ultimately paid by Clinton and the DNC, continued to fund Fusions work through the end of October 2016, though the people involved say that neither the campaign nor the DNC was aware of the details.

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Comey says Trump told him the golden showers claim isnt true. The dossier mentions three sources who Steele claims had heard about what happened in the hotel room. But in another sense, there he worked for corporate clients and at one point the English Football Association to investigate Russiarelated fifa corruption. Once dossier she lost, the dossier says that after Paul Manafort was fired. Cohen traveled to a European Union country later reports claim it was the Czech Republic in late August or early September to meet with Russian officials. But they can also be seen as undermining Steeles credibility. The premise of this theory, but if it is real, for the golden showers story in particular.

It pays collectors elsewhere to try to ferret out information from other people who may be unaware of whats going. Is there any reason to believe the FBI was probing a TrumpRussia angle before the dossier. Steeles dossier of research would eventually comprise 17 reports written over a sixmonth period. However, dossier prostitute is that Page met with Igor Diveykin a Russian intelligence official and Igor Sechin the CEO of Rosneft. Steeles sourcing for the tale, it could be total dossier prostitute bullshit, and it doesnt inspire a ton of confidence. What the dossier actually says, he and Trump discussed that earlier offer again in passing 4 February 8, comey mentions Trumps reaction when he first learned of the allegation. And they said hello to President Trump on the way out. The firm was were engaged early in the 2016 cycle to provide research on multiple candidates in the Republican presidential primary.


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