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most products and the clerk who makes the most money. (Submitted by Samantha Marchessault) Simon Says: A good review for body parts Simon says touch your knees. . Get

the children to ragazzo gy con cazzo talmente grosso ch fa urlare fold and tightly crease their paper in half across its width, then fold it in half again and then again a third time. Food: cheese, fish, bread, etc.). . Count-off: This game requires at least 10 kids or more. My students loved it! Dog Cat Chase: Have students sit in a circle. . Next, teacher asks. . You can work with students or split the class into small groups/teams if you have a large class. Then have them fold it in half and crease it lengthways. After teaching the animals and their noises sit each S in a different part of the classroom and assign them as different animals (to make it clearer you can give each S a flashcard of the animal they are representing). . As long as the learners are able to identify beginning letter sounds, they should be able to do this activity. . However, if you find any errors in the games, please send me an email. If the answer is yes, then the students with glasses have to stand up and quickly switch chairs, giving the one standing a chance to sit. . Vocab Tic Tac Toe: Draw a basic tic tac toe board on the white board with new vocabulary in each block. Get the students to bet using the toy money. (Submitted by Salvador) Spelling Bee: Have all your students stand at the front of the class. . S/he has to jump over the rope, pick up the correct object and put it in the box. . Each student has to say a word in that topic (e.g. Variation: Teacher whispers the words. . And the S gets the equal points (4). For a higher level, choose kids at random. Write a word or draw a picture on the board (e.g. Object of game: To accumulate as many products as possible. Each team needs to designate who they are going to dress. Teacher says a word (or sentence) and then the next S repeats that word and adds a new word. . Do as I say, not as I do: A 'Simon says' game with a difference.

Fals" the S can only run back to hisher team when his teammates guess what the picture. Tru" put a line of tape on the floor and designate one side" I always use Cookie Monster at the beginning of my young classes. All craft sheets are made specifically for teaching English to children. The teacher flips a coin for the students whose datazione per i transessuali eyes are open. If you have some fancy highheeled shoes and silly hats this is a really fun game. Change the answers and do it again. Be sure each shirt has the same amount of buttons down the front.

This site features the best, eSL concentration games to help students master, english vocabulary and grammar.Want to make your.

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