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spoke before right?" "As far as I know." She said watching them as they walked off away from the crowd. Maybe Sai was a lot more personal than Konohamaru

gave him credit for. Invece, nel 333.C., Alessandro Magno tagliò il nodo a metà con la sua spada. "What brings you here? "Why is it your asking this now, hm? Even though Naruto was only about three years older than himself Konohamaru looked up to him just as much as any of the adults and knew he could talk to him when he had problems. Według jego profilu postaci z Boruto : Jego atrybuty to: 160 w sile, 120 w negocjacji, 140 w czakrze, 100 w inteligencji, 140 w percepcji i 150 w zręczności. La maggior parte della comunità scientifica e aeronautica considera il francese, Santos Dumont, come il "Padre dell'Aviazione" per il fatto che il suo velivolo è decollato grazie alla forza trainante dell'elica, mentre l'aeroplano dei fratelli Wright 6egrave; stato semplicemente catapultato. Benché fra la Grecia classica e la Roma ellenistica esistessero alcune differenze rispetto all'omosessualità, è possibile trattare parallelamente le due culture, dato che non sono presenti sostanziali differenze di concezione. " Konohamaru thought his words out carefully. Konohamaru nie chciał jednak tego zrobić i zaczął się szarpać. Hanabi brushed some of her long black hair aside from her face and looked him over, then at his team who dei seemed more than a little confused as to why she was even speaking with them. Not simply for ourselves, or for personal glory, but so that maybe we can make this the final war. Rictor Norton, The Raid on Mother Clap's Molly House, su, 5 febbraio 2005. He let out a depressed sigh before crunching the paper up into a ball and tossing it into the pile of other failed plan attempts next to the bed. He started walking again. Naruto: Yeah, Konohamaru here scored a date with Hanabi. I've always gone along with the hard work and dedication and all that stuff but I need a challenge! As of recently though Hinata had confessed her feelings for him during a life and death battle that very nearly resulted in her own demise. W miarę upływu czasu zaprzyjaźnia się z Ebisu, traktując go jako prawdziwego mentora i pilnie stosuje porady dawane mu przez Naruto, by stać się potężnym ninja. Although he was already painfully aware of how terrible such battles were, having lost both his grandfather and his Uncle Asuma to said other enemy ninja in battles. Hana: Thanks Shino and Naruto; that would be a great help. Zbudowanie większego wyświetlacza Multi-Touch o wspaniałych, żywych kolorach i wyższym kontraście przy jeszcze szerszym kącie widoczności - to znacznie więcej. "Quale musica?" mi risponde. Konohamaru: Wouldn't they have filled the old caves when the new caves were finished?

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His Uncle Asuma Sarutobi had been a Jonin Ninja, one of the highest ranks a shinobi could attain and was well respected by many of the villagers.When he was sure she was out of ear shot Udon whispered over to his friend.It's not like you to be so quiet." His friend Moegi smiled trying to perk up his attitude.


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