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Roscoe appeared on the show with host Paddy McGuinness (pictured centre) on Saturday, picking personal assistant Debi, 40, from 30 hopefuls.Take Me Out contestant reveals what it is really like to appear on the dating show - including how 'babysitters' check the hotel rooms to make sure there's no 'bad behaviour'.

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the show so producers can choose what they wear. It's hard to believe that, take Me Out has been on air for eight years. One simply tweeted: "About time!" Another added: "There should be a whole season like this!". Roscoe picked personal assistant Debi, 40, out of the 30 women hopeful to win a date when he appeared on the show. Fans of the show will know what happens next - she'll then pick milano one to join her on a romantic date to the Isle Of Fernados. Take Me Out babies! Release Date: (UK see more company Credits, production Co: Talkback Thames. Published: 13:35 GMT, Updated: 18:45 GMT, 28, view comments, a Take Me Out contestant has lifted the lid on what really goes on behind the scenes of the popular dating show. The hit dating show first aired in June 2009, and has seen seven weddings and two children born from its successful seven year run (seen host Paddy McGuinness). After 10 years, it seems the show is now keen to turn the tables, with one woman now facing a panel of 30 men, hoping to whittle them down to the perfect date; specifically, "30 of Paddy's favourite boys bringing back favourite contestants for the. We listened and have decided to bring back 30 of Paddy's favourite boys next Saturday to celebrate 10 series'. The hit dating show first aired in June 2009, and has seen seven weddings and two children born from its successful seven year run. Roscoe, pictured, did not see Debi, the woman he had chosen, until the start of their date. Not only that, during all its existence on the box, there's never been a single episode where a girl gets to take her pick from a bunch of men. Roscoe Crawford, 32, senza from Scotland, said contestants are told what to wear, accompanied everywhere by a 'babysitter and even have their hotel rooms checked after bedtime to ensure there is 'no bad behaviour'. Get the best of, the Independent, with an Independent Minds subscription for just.99.99.99 a month.

Keep you full of energyapos, did You Know, the Independent. To celebrate, s most popular male contestants will return to the show and each take their place behind a buzzer. Music, without the ads for just, s 10th series.

Roscoe and Debi were later whisked off to the apos. Love lift the women can register their interest by keeping their light. Color, apos, re cerco una ragazza rumena per lavoro not actually allowed to speak to them much because they are whisked away. But our babysitters did regular room checks to make sure match chat there was no bad behaviour he added.

After being matched in the studio, contestants are kept apart until the start of their first date on 'Fernando's'.Take Me Out, 6pm, ITV1, Saturday 26 February 2018."This week the girls are coming down the love lift and the boys are in charge of the lights!".

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You don't know anything about them or even what age they are until you go to Fernando's.